About Us

We believe in helping our customers become the best version of themselves. Care is at the core of who we are and everything we do

Why Medicredi?

As a partner in your journey, we believe in creating bespoke financial solutions that are hassle-free, transparent and swift. Medicredi is not just a competitive financial solution, we have built our business on integrity and care for our customers and your life aspirations.

Our network has been carefully curated to include a select group of well-respected, in-demand medical professionals who can match our level of financial care with their medical care. Never before has access to exceptional cosmetic and dental treatments been this simple.

We can help take you from aspiration to reality, in one application.

The Medicredi team aim to provide holistic financial care to all corners of the health care by becoming the leaders in customisable financial solutions. Our exclusive partnerships with Australia’s top lenders mean that we can provide exceptional service, with a personal commitment that ensures we deliver a positive outcome.

“We don’t work for you, we work with you. Together. To achieve the vision for your financial success.”

Our Team

A team of professionals who believe the answer to your personal & business goals lies within a trusted partnership. They are with you on your journey and leverage their financial expertise and industry experience to find a competitive solution to suit your goals. They just happen to be financial brokers.

We are a financial brokerage with more than just experience, we genuinely care about your financial journey.

With over 20 years of knowledge in financial advisory services, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the lives of our customers. Our expertise and trusted industry relationships allow us to provide a completely customizable service for every customer. Every time.

We create partnerships that go beyond the transaction and define our exceptional service

Toni Stevens

Managing Director / Mortgage Broker

Her love for helping her customers to meet their goals and dreams, her talent for creating connected and long-lasting relationships, her passion for the wonderful world of finance broking and ten years of experience behind her is what put Toni Stevens on the path to creating Medicredi.

Whether it be buying their first home, purchasing an investment property, financing a property development or procuring their first medical practice, Toni will be with her customers every step of the way on their journey ensuring they understand each step.

Toni has always dedicated herself to understanding the industry and the banking system.

Her knowledge of residential and commercial lending is second to none, having also held senior positions within the banking sector including Senior Business Development and State Manager roles.

Toni believes in acting with integrity and operating a business that is built on trust and a valued long term relationship.