At Medicredi we offer a range of financial solutions, specifically dedicated to medical and dental professionals

Tailored to your financial goals

With over 20 years of specialised experience our team is dedicated to financing medical and dental professionals. Medicredi can expertly tailor your finance goals to help you run your practice and other business needs from purchasing a practice to buying equipment and buying commercial property, we are your trusted partner, by your side every step of the way.

  • Commercial Loans

    Our flexible offering includes a range of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of various property types – whether that be office, retail, residential or industrial sectors – including:

    • Investment and development loans and site finance
    • Interest rate management
    • Property risk management
    • Loan term from 30 days up to 25 years, depending on rate option chosen and security provided
    • Flexible options with fixed, variable and interest-only

  • Residential Loans

    • Choose between a variable or a fixed rate home loan
    • Borrow up to 100% LVR with no LMI
    • Optional offset transaction account with the variable rate home loan to reduce interest payments

  • Goodwill Loans

    • Ability to borrow up to 100% of your practice purchase price
    • Principal + Interest and Interest Only repayment options
    • Fixed and variable interest rate options

  • Equipment Finance

    • Finance up to 100% of the cost of your equipment
    • Get finance to fund your upcoming equipment purchase, or access finance for equipment you’ve already purchased to help with your cash flow
    • Finance a one-off equipment purchase or arrange for an on-going facility which allows you to purchase multiple pieces of equipment over a period of time
    • Structure your repayments to suit your cash flow

  • Borrowing through SMSF

    Flexible options available including up to 90% of the purchase price for owner-occupied practice premises

  • Purchasing a Practice

    • Ability to borrow up to 100% of your practice purchase price
    • Choose repayment options to suit your cash flow and tax needs
    • Redraw on your existing goodwill equity for other needs
    • Benefit from our competitive fixed and variable rate options
    • Finance your goodwill and equipment separately
  • Fitout

    • A range of fitout finance options including lease, hire purchase or chattel mortgage
    • Coordinate supplier payments on your behalf
    • Options of no repayments until after your practice improvements and set up are complete
    • Tailored interest payment structures to suit your individual needs

  • Car Loans

    • Finance up to 100% of the cost of your car with no additional security required
    • Available for both new and used vehicles
    • Option to finance for business or private use
    • Can be structured for an individual, company or trust
    • Variable or fixed rate options
    • Optional balloon payment at the end of loan period